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Managing building operations is no small feat. Betco products and tools are here to protect building occupants.

Learn more about our professional disinfectants, cost-saving equipment, supporting resources, and comprehensive facility disinfection program to ensure a safe, healthy, and clean environment.

    COVID-19. We Can Help.

    See all Betco's EPA List N Disinfectants in our Comprehensive Coronavirus Product Guide. Cross-reference different properties of Betco disinfectants with the Disinfectant Selector Guide.

    Which Disinfectant Will Work Best for You?

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    Versatile Formats to Disinfect in Any Situation

    Concentrate / Dilution Control

    Betco’s FastDraw® dilution control systems and concentrates drive down disinfection cost.

    Learn About Betco's FastDraw® System


    Ready to Use

    Save time and effort with any of Betco’s powerful ready-to-use disinfectants.

    More on GE Fight Bac™ RTU



    All the benefits of ready to use in a fast, convenient, and sustainable wipe.

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    Comprehensive Disinfection Resources

    Enhanced Facility Disinfection


    5-step program combines evidence-based infection control strategies with tactics to put facility occupants’ minds at ease.

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    COVID-19 Resources


    Get your comprehensive action plan and learn more about Betco's List N disinfectants and hand hygiene resources.

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    Healthy Schools


    Recommended procedures based on CDC guidelines help educational facilities safely conduct on-campus learning.

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    Disinfection Myths You Should Know

    1. MythCleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are the same thing.
    2. MythBleach is the ultimate disinfectant.
    3. MythDisinfectants work instantly.
    4. MythThe more chemical, the better.
    5. MythDisinfecting alone is more powerful than cleaning.
    6. MythSoft surfaces, like pillows and couches, can be disinfected.

    What's inside your disinfectant?

    There are many advantages of quat-based disinfectants.

    • EPA approved formulations for safety and efficacy.
    • Excellent antimicrobial agents, effectively killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi on hard surfaces.
    • Low contact times for a broad range of viruses and bacteria.
    • Safe on most surfaces and are non-corrosive
    • Ideal for a wide range of markets including, hospitals, restaurants, schools, and offices.
    • With routine cleaning, helps control outbreaks of communicable diseases.