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There is so much more to disinfectants than reaching absolute disinfection. There are different grades to disinfection - low, intermediate and high-level disinfectants.

  • Low-Level Disinfectants are EPA-registered hospital disinfectants that are effective for vegetative bacteria, most fungi, and most viruses.
  • Intermediate-Level Disinfectants are EPA-registered hospital disinfectants that are effective against TB, vegetative bacteria, fungi and viruses, and some may have spore claims.
  • High-Level Disinfectants fall under EPA jurisdiction. They are effective against TB, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and some, but not all, spores.

Implementing a successful program

Betco Disinfectants are designed for multiple application needs along with varied markets.


Disinfectant Solutions

There are essential components when selecting a disinfectant that are critical:

  • Choose the correct disinfectant with the right kill claim
  • Proper training and following the use instructions can be just as important as the selection

Selector guides makes it easy to choose the proper disinfectant solutions based on the following criteria:

  • Contact Time
  • pH
  • Active Ingredient
  • Microorganism efficacy
  • Dilution Rate

Training Solutions

Simplify your training to ensure best practices and consistent results.

iBet Facility Resources is training at your fingertips.

  • Betco University provides online training courses addressing proper cleaning procedures and even OSHA Bloodborne pathogens standards
  • Create custom wall charts to ensure proper methods with iBet Charter
  • Task cards that can be customized for your facility with iBet Task


Simple Systems

  • Number and color coded bottles for easy chemical selection.
  • Intuitive icons eliminate guess work.
  • Built in metering inserts ensure accurate dilutions.


Disinfection Myths You Should Know

  1. MythCleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are the same thing.
  2. MythBleach is the ultimate disinfectant.
  3. MythDisinfectants work instantly.
  4. MythThe more chemical, the better.
  5. MythDisinfecting alone is more powerful than cleaning.
  6. MythSoft surfaces, like pillows and couches can be disinfected.

Proactive Disinfection

The first line of defense for combatting infection is washing hands.

  • 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands
  • Hand washing can reduce the risk of respiratory infections by 20%

If all staff and visitors would practice good hand hygiene techniques, it would go a long way to reducing HAIs.” – Infection Preventionist