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Environmental Services Director.
Betco helped me reduce the risk of HAI’s to positively impact our HCAHPS score.


We know the industry is facing many challenges, new emerging pathogens, increased costs, reduced reimbursement and heightened compliance scrutiny all adding pressure to the workplace.

Betco’s CleanSTAT™ Program can assist you in creating a healthier, cleaner environment for your patients, visitors and staff by:

  • Reducing the risk of HAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections) by using the proper products and protocol
  • Maintaining compliance by assisting with thoroughness of cleaning and disinfection through use of superior products, ATP cleaning monitoring system, and training to increase patient satisfaction
  • Effectively cleaning in minimal time faster turnover of critical areas in healthcare environments with use of superior products and mechanized cleaning

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Complete a CleanStat™ Facility Assessment

Experts survey your current cleaning procedures, products and training. Our Betco Team helps you to access your cleaning environment; creating a program recommendation to gain cleaning efficiencies, mitigate Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) risk and reduce overall maintenance costs.

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Program and Product Recommendation

To assist you in protecting your patients, their families and your staff, Betco offers both conventional and sustainable programs and products to aid in reducing infection rates and cost within your healthcare facility.

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Choose your Betco CleanStat™ Training Solution

DC_taskcards_150x114Standardize your cleaning and enhance your infection prevention program with on-line modules for topics from disinfection to OSHA requirements. Workbooks, videos, Exams, Wall Chart Program and Cleaning Task Cards are available in the Betco University. 

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Select a CleanStat™ Work Loading Solution

The FREE Betco® CleanStat™ Facility Estimator helps you justify your labor resources and gives you the tools to forecast staffing, chemical and equipment needs.Equipment ROI

For a comprehensive approach, the INFORMED Healthcare Management Software assists you with reducing costs and enhancing your cleaning efficiencies.

Contact a Betco Representative

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Select a Cleaning Monitoring Approach


OPTION 1: Use a real-time Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) cleaning verification and tracking system to assess the cleanliness of hard surfaces within your facility.

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