Meet Billie
Convenience Store Owner.
Betco® helped me attract more customers with a clean and welcoming store.


Cleanliness is an important component of the consumer experience. Shoppers limit purchases when they perceive that a store isn’t clean and they spend more in clean, hospitable and safe environments.

Betco's Clean Store Program offers a simple solution to save money.

  • Training tools like wall charts and task cards to create a simple program.
  • Dilution control cleaning solutions reduce cost and increase performance.
  • Mini scrubbers for more effective small area cleaning. 
Simple cleaning programs

Betco® reduces inventory and increases your operating cash by reducing the number of products needed to clean your store. 

Convenience Store Map


  • Areas
  • Skin Care Solutions
  • Restrooms
  • Food Service Options
  • Floor Surfaces
  • Glass & Surface
  • Gas Islands
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Slip and Fall PreventionFC_SlipFall_225x135

Falls in the workplace are the number one preventable loss type, and public places are the leading site of injury. 

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Facility AssessmentFC_Assess_225x135

A local Betco® representative is well equipped to offer the right systems to save you money and build a high standard cleaning program for your facility. 

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