Meet Henry

Betco helped him get the results he was looking for.

Betco® Smart Tools™ products and services help Building Service Contractors make a lasting impression; which helps reduce account turnover and increase client satisfaction.

From training to  products, Smart Tools focuses on efficient, high quality cleaning for healthy and hygienic buildings and work environments.  Combining techniques and procedures, Betco delivers expertise to save time and money with professional performance, everyday.

  • Be more profitable
  • Be more competitive
  • Experience less turnover
  • Generate higher satisfaction
  • Provide a higher level of service and consistency

Smart Tools that make a real difference

Clean faster and with less effort with the ALL NEW GeneSys™ walk-behind scrubber, boasting best-in-class performance.

  • 50% more down pressure*
  • 33% more horsepower*
  • 36% more RPMs

*versus the leading competitor

Set the Standard for Your Facilities

BetcoBest® LM provides top-notch durability with half the coats of conventional finish, slashing labor costs by 40%. Use our convenient calculator and discover just how much you’ll save with BetcoBest® LM.

BetcoBest LM Calculator

Try BetcoBest LM and Betco will guarantee a labor savings over your current conventional strip and finish labor costs. Fill in this calculator to see how much you can save!


Time and Labor Savings

* Results are based on a crew of 3 workers at 8 hours a day.

Set Up a BetcoBest LM Test

If time and labor savings projections are not met, or if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we'll supply an alternate Betco finish to provide 1 additional coat at no charge.

Innovative Multiple Surface System

Betco Smart Tools Make Cleaning Easy

The Elevate Multiple Surface System is designed to maintain, protect, and extend the life of no- and low-maintenance flooring types. 

Elevate works on LVT as well as other alternate flooring types, such as vinyl tile, linoleum, rubber, and laminate.


The NEW Betco® iBet® App



Employee Know How Creates a Better Cleaning Experience

Betco Smart Tools improve your employee on-boarding experience because the quality of work improves quickly and client complaints are dramatically reduced. Get the free iBet® Facility Resources and iBet App to streamline your training, cleaning, and inspection processes!

Download Betco iBet app from the App Store or Google Play today!



Crete Rx™ Concrete and Terrazzo System

Prescribing Excellence in Concrete Floor Maintenance

The Betco Crete Rx™ System is the simplest concrete system on the market. Achieve better looking floors, with a depth of gloss and stain resistance in less time.

  • Great gloss with no finish necessary – only one process for every level of concrete maintenance.
  • Superior stain protection – protectant layer repels stains, etching and other unsightly marks.
  • Advanced technology – innovative process seamlessly integrates chemical, pads and tools to produce superior results

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