Our expertise doesn’t stop with the chemicals.



Our experience in creating the most comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program is unmatched. Enhancing your productivity is our goal. Betco® equipment is built to provide years of reliable service to achieve the highest level of clean.

  • Equipment solutions for small area cleaning to “Ban the Mop Bucket”
  • Stealth® Automatic Scrubbers that are perfect for daytime cleaning
  • High speed burnishers for any floor maintenance program
  • All-encompassing solutions with the Crewman and Foreman lines
  • FiberPro® Carpet Care solutions
Bundled Solutions

More than just powered equipment. Betco® provides all of the solutions that are needed for clean environments. 

  • Installation, operator training, and benefits videos available on any device 24 hours a day.
  • QR codes on equipment that link directly to the comprehensive training videos.
  • A Technical Service team to assist with troubleshooting, repairs, and general assistance.
  • All Betco® Equipment products are back by an industry leading warranty policy.

Bertha® Propane Machines Strip Finish 500% Faster

Get your time back and do more! High down pressure with high RPM deck and counter-rotating brush speeds remove finish like a hot knife through butter.

  • Big and Lil’ Bertha are the most productive stripping machines available today
  • Remove multiple layers of finish in a single pass with 24” or 30” stripping path
  • Use on low and high solid finishes and resilient floor substrates 
  • Extended engine life by running cooler, increasing HP, and lowering emissions

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Lil' Bertha® | Big Bertha®
Stealth® Daytime Cleaning

Facilities that are facing pressures to cut costs are considering an alternative of cleaning during the day. Proponents of daytime cleaning suggest the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lowered operational costs
  • Greater appreciation for the work performed

You can’t clean during the day with disrupting and loud cleaning equipment. The Betco® Stealth™ series of automatic scrubbers are “The World’s Quietest Automatic Scrubbers”. They utilize Betco’s exclusive Noise Reduction Technology and are 4x quieter than other automatic scrubbers. Stealth™
also offers increased speed with lower water consumption and extended run time for unmatched productivity.

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