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Retrofitted with products from hardwood floor industry leader Basic Coatings®, the Betco Sports Zone program supercharges the performance and protection of every court.

  • Superior durability
  • Ease of application
  • Rapid cure and dry times
  • Lower VOCs and odor
  • 100% American made

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Visit for details about their philosophy and approach to wood floor finishing and maintenance.

Plan a Gym Show!

Wood Sports Floor Training Seminar

This simple program teaches and trains facility personnel from schools, colleges, recreation centers, and wood floor recoating contractors on the Sports Zone product line. In just a couple of hours, this hands-on event will empower attendees to execute one of two interim maintenance recoating systems on their own gym floors.

From planning to hosting to follow up, distributors will be supported by their Betco Regional Manager every step of the way, ensuring the Gym Show goes off without a hitch!

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Taking Care of Your Wood Floors

Learn the proper procedures for Routine, Interim, and Restorative maintenance to ensure your wood floor is always in great condition.
Routine Maintenance
Interim Maintenance: TyKote® System
Interim Maintenance: Scrub and Recoat
Restorative Maintenance: Screen and Recoat

Featured Projects


Clemson University


No Paint on This Gym Floor? Really?


StreetShoe NXT - St. Francis de Sales

Dust-Free Recoating System


Step 1: Prep and Clean

I.F.T. (Intensive Floor Treatment) provides unsurpassed cleaning in heavily soiled areas. Squeaky™ is then used to remove residue and prepare the floor.


Step 2: Bond

TyKote is the most revolutionary way to prepare wood floors for recoating. Its exclusive properties act as a bonding agent between the existing floor and the new topcoat.


Step 3: Finish

Streetshoe NXT offers unmatched beauty and durability. The flexibility of the TyKote System enables it to be used with any Basic Coatings water-based urethane finish.

Extend the Life of Your Floors

Proper maintenance will reduce costly restoration.

  • Routine Maintenance
    Dust mop with microfiber mops regularly. For wet-tacking, use a diluted solution of Squeaky™ Concentrate with microfiber mops. Periodically, autoscrub with Squeaky™ Concentrate and use a clean microfiber buffing pad with a light head pressure.
  • Interim Maintenance
    When the finish dulls, it may be time to recoat with the TyKote® Recoating System. TyKote® saves time, labor, and materials by ensuring adhesion of the topcoat and reducing floor prep time.
  • Restorative Maintenance
    Over time, traffic and soils take their toll on the finish. When routine and interim maintenance procedures no longer produce the desired results, the floor should be sanded and finished by an experienced professional. Basic Coatings has a full line of wood floor finishes and sealers.

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