Odor Management
Same Technology, Better Scents


SenTec™ is a dual malodor counteractant program based upon proprietary technology. It truly eliminates odors throughout an entire facility instead of covering them up.

  • Effective against a broad-range of malodors.
  • Fresh high end fragrances includes Pure Linen and Mountain Meadow.
  • Providing an odor elimination technology – the complete transformation of the odor causing molecules.
Sensory Effects


Fragrance has a powerful effect on human behavior. Our sense of smell can evoke strong emotional reactions and behaviors. Pleasant fragrance can make us feel at home, brighten our moods, deliver a sense of calm and well-being, or increase alertness. 

Odors, good or bad shape the perception of the facilities cleanliness and have a negative effect on the whole facility … including productivity and mood, resulting in a negative impact on the bottom line.

  • Research from Harvard Business School found that reviews can have a five to nine percent effect on business revenues ... bad reviews can translate to lower profits.
  • Scents have positive effects on physical and cognitive performance.
  • Two-thirds of American consumers refuse to patronize businesses with unclean restrooms.
Our SenTec Technology
  • The most important goal was to develop a unique counteractant technology ... completely transforming the odor causing molecule. In turn, eliminating the odor from returning.
  • Second was to deliver a multi-faceted product that really works.
  • Third, develop a pleasant fragrance that delivers a sense of calm and triggers a positive response to facility occupants and employees.
  • Developed for multiple delivery systems in a vast offering of products. A good malodor strategy addresses every aspect of a facility.



Odor Management

An odor management program for your entire facility that will leave a lasting positive impression.


BestScent Smoke & Odor Neutralizer is designed to treat unpleasant odors after they’ve been emitted into the air, continuously working hours after air fresheners dissipate.

  • Contains Neutrabond™ technology
  • Long lasting fragrance that neutralizes the strongest odors


BestScent™ Air Freshener immediately defeats lingering odors, freshening the treated area with a pleasant aroma.

  • Highly effective blend is unlike grocery store air fresheners
  • Ready-to-use & dilutable for your convenience
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