Masthead_Hospitality_1920x650Meet Michelle
Director of Housekeeping
Betco® helped me manage my operating costs while increasing guest satisfaction.

Enhance your Guest's Experience

Whether you are considered full service, limited service or all suites property; your guest's experience is paramount to your brand reputation and increasing your occupancy rate. Complement your efforts to improve guest satisfaction in addition to help you meet the increasing demands of environmental strategies.

Let Betco's Hospitality Program overwhelm your guest with a lasting, positive experience.

  • Gain the highest return on your spend – ROI.
  • Provide innovative solutions that meet the high demands of your facility.
  • Deliver the training tools and products that provide the results you expect.
The Complete Hospitality Program

Cost Containment

  • Highest return on your spend- ROI
  • Sustainable solutions that reduce frequency of cleaning tasks and product redundancy
  • Well trained labor with consistent results

Brand Trust and Safety

  • Delivering what your customers have come to expect
  • Orderly and clutter free environment
  • Communicating strategies for cleaning, disinfecting and environmental efforts
  • Customer service on all levels


Guest Comfort

  • Pristine clean, soft linen and towels
  • Refreshing and natural overall sensory experience
  • Quiet and secure personal area

Guest Room and Facility Cleanliness

  • Entrance appearance and safety
  • Cross-contamination strategies for all common areas and guest rooms
  • Malodor control in public access areas
  • Clean and spot-free hard surfaces
  • Carpet is free from stains and malodors
See for yourself
Innovation isn't a new direction for Betco, but a continuous commitment we've made to the market, our customers and ourselves. 

Betco's Hospitality & Lodging Program was created by listening to hospitality experts and observing the needs of the industry.

  • Improve guest satisfaction while managing your operating costs.
  • Utilize innovate products designed to reduce surface degradation.
  • Focus on expert training for all employees to provide the outcomes you expect.
Providing guest satisfaction
Betco delivers the expertise to enhance your sustainability efforts, help manage your costs and increase guest satisfaction with a holistic strategy.
  • Sustainable solutions that reduce frequency of cleaning tasks and product redundancy.
  • Well trained labor with consistent results.
  • Designed products that reduce the surface degradation, critical due to high traffic patterns and guest use.
Cleanliness is essential

Reduce your labor costs, increase efficiency and receive a complete custom program.

Hospitality Map


  • Areas
  • Fitness Center
  • Restrooms
  • Guest Room/Bathroom
  • Conference Room/Meeting Space
  • Laundry
  • Lobby/Hallways
  • Dining Room/Lounge
  • Kitchen/Back of the House
  • Storage/Facilities Maintenance
Hitting the touch points