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Betco Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program

5-Step Cleaning and Disinfecting Program

Betco Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program combines evidence-based infection control strategies supported by agencies that include the CDC, EPA, FDA, and GBAC®

Get your game plan with tactics to put the minds of facility leadership and occupants at ease.

Step One
Site Assessment & PPE

Survey the customer’s facility with a focus on safety and activities essential to a successful disinfection for a healthy facility.

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Step Two
The Right Application Method and Disinfectant

Match the best tools with business requirements. Explore a variety of application devices and concentrated or ready-to-use EPA-approved disinfectant products.

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Step Three
Proper Infection Control Procedures

Extensive infection control is achieved through integration of CDC-recommended procedures, EPA-approved disinfectants, and FDA-registered hand hygiene products.

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Step Four
Critical Touch Points

Verify vital high-touch surfaces for disinfection by room and facility type, helping prioritize your infection control.

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Step Five
Documentation of Tasks Performed

Download documentation and communication providing reassurance that disinfection was completed according to the highest industry standards.

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Watch the latest Betco Enhanced Facility Disinfection Webinar to get the answers to all of the questions you have to reopen your facility.

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A critical point has been reached in our collective efforts, and Betco is here to help you create a comprehensive plan.

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Though Betco has an array of disinfectants and hand hygiene products to minimize your risk, we have created a streamlined offering to help reduce the spread of disease.

The EPA has announced the emerging pathogen policy is now in effect, which means that if a disinfectant has a kill claim against a similar virus, it is suitable for disinfection against the emerging pathogen.

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