Clario® Touch Free Dispenser - White Foaming - 6/CS

Clario® White Touch Free Foam Dispenser
Betco’s Clario® program has been our leading hand hygiene solution for over a decade. It is an everyday, cost-effective solution that allows customers to stretch their hand care budget without sacrificing a safe and clean space.

Manual and Touch Free Dispensers are offered in both black and white and utilize the same 1000 mL foam bag. This gives the benefit of fewer soap SKUs to purchase for facilities that have both Clario Touch Free and Manual Dispensers, providing flexibility and reduced stocking levels for real savings!

Batteries included, no extra expense at installation

Excellent foam quality provides superior hand washing experience

Uses same 1000 ml bag as Clario™ Manual dispensers

2 year warranty permits customer peace of mind

Aesthetically pleasing design complements any facility

Easy open battery cover saves maintenance time

Tough, durable ABS construction and easy-clean cover

Tech Specs
Product Type Foam
Shot Size 0.6 ml
Battery Life 60,000 cycles (6 Cases of Clario Foam Products)
Batteries 4 C-cell Alkaline Batteries, included
Directions for Use

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