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New Symplicity™ Built Detergent Offers Performance You Expect

Aug 8, 2019

49278-00_300x300_mainAn essential part of providing Professional Performance Everyday is listening to our customers. We heard your concerns about Symplicity™ Built Detergent Ultra, and we took them to heart. That's why we're replacing Symplicity Built Detergent Ultra with Symplicity™ Built Detergent.

New Symplicity Built Detergent reflects our continued commitment to delivering simple, safe, and high-performing cleaning technologies that enhance the value of your operation.

Uniquely designed to prolong linen life, Symplicity Built Detergent is compatible with the complete Betco® laundry product line.
• Stable surfactants banish heavy soils for a one-wash clean
• Anti-redesposition agents prevent dulling
• Optical brighteners enhance whiteness
• No need for a break or builder for most applications
• Effective over broad range of temperatures and water conditions

Experience the difference for yourself. Learn more.