Industrial Hand Hygiene

NEW! BiCarbonX Premium Industrial Hand Cleaner

Patent-pending BiCarbonX Premium Industrial Hand Cleaner delivers performance for the toughest environments with a skin-conditioning experience the toughest workers deserve.

  • 40% more exfoliant amplifies cleaning and degreasing power
  • Natural deodorizer doesn't cover up solvent odors, it removes them
  • Increases skin moisture without barrier creams or lotions
  • Soluble formula offers a clog-free guarantee 
  • Sustainable with bio-based, renewable resources

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You must try this innovation! Prove the benefits to yourself and learn where to buy BiCarbonX Premium Industrial Hand Cleaner today.

Decrease Overall Operational Costs

The exclusive conditioning formula of BiCarbonX Premium Industrial Hand Cleaner virtually eliminates the need for costly, secondary skin-moisturizing lotions or barrier creams.

Save up to 80% versus competing soap plus conditioner solutions!

The Industry's Only Clog-Free Guarantee

*If a clog occurs, BiCarbonX will not be the cause because it is completely water soluble. No agreement for compensation is express or implied.

Unlike any other grit formula, BiCarbonX Premium Industrial Hand Cleaner offers a clog-free guarantee because our naturally soluble formula will never build up and clog drains, unlike pumice and walnut shells.*

Eliminate hundreds of dollars in costly facility plumbing repairs!

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No More Nasty Hands!

  • Natural odor-neutralizing abrasives actually remove offensive solvent odors
  • Timber Jack fragrance leaves a light, clean scent behind


Introducing a New-to-Market TIMBER JACK Fragrance!

Dermatologist Recommended

  • Multi-user lab testing proves that BiCarbonX increases skin moisture when leading competitors decrease it
  • Reduce the 25% of lost workdays caused by work-related skin diseases** 
  • Healthy hands improve employee efficiency and morale
**According to the American Family Physician organization.


Other Industrial Hand Cleaners


HD Orange Hand Cleaner

  • Natural citrus solvents quickly cut through most greases and oils
  • Contains fine milled pumice for extra deep cleaning

XHD Hand Cleaner

  • Soy and walnut shell scrubbers remove the heaviest greases and grime
  • Contains conditioners to prevent skin drying and cracking