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Introducing LiquiShield and LiquiStrip

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Sep 05, 2019

stackedWith NEW LiquiShield and LiquiStrip, achieving better looking polished concrete and terrazzo floors with Betco® Crete Rx™ is easier, quicker, and more economical than ever!

LiquiShield is a water-based guard formulated to improve gloss while adding substantial protection against stain and etch.
• Just two coats needed
• No need for floor finish or conventional coatings
• Avoid tedious edge work
• Resists scuffs, black marks, and soil
• Will not peel, flake, or discolor
• Low odor

Wondering when to use a coating? Download our guard versus polish sheet!

LiquiStrip is a water-based stripper formulated to remove permanent, non-strippable guards and coatings without the use of diamond tooling. 
• Concentrated solvents easily remove even the hardest guards and coatings
• Leaves floors clean, film-free, and ready for new layers of guard or coating
• Low odor
• Non-flammable

Ready to be floored by the results? To learn more about LiquiShield, click here. To learn more about LiquiStrip, click here.