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Betco® Represented in Chile

Nov 15, 2021

Betco® Chile opened a year and a half ago in Valparaíso, Chile, as an international distributor that exclusively sells Betco products.

Betco Chile owner and CEO Eduardo Santibañez Burrows first became interested in Betco when a friend showed him Betco floor care products and finish. Today, Eduardo leverages his 35 years of experience together with his team of collaborators at Betco Chile as they sell to clinics, stores, schools, and cleaning enterprises.

Eduardo attended the New Distributor Sales Rep training on-site in Bowling Green, Ohio, with Commercial Executive Adolfo Soto and Monse Sañtibanez. They were grateful for the opportunity and enjoyed learning more about Betco products and programs, which will help the team with selling.

We are proud to have Betco represented in South America and value our partnership together. For more information about Betco Chile, click here to visit their brand-new website.

From left to right: Adolfo Soto, Eduardo Santibañez Burrows, Monse Santibañez