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New and Improved Clario® Manual Dispensers!

Jun 9, 2022

The Clario® Dispensing Program has been a leader in hand hygiene solutions for more than a decade by stretching budgets without sacrificing a safe and clean space. The Manual Clario Dispenser has been a trusted product for good hand hygiene practice since the original launch of the program. Both black and white dispensers are transitioning to a new sleek and modern design that better reflects their position in the skin care and hand hygiene industry.White and black Clario Manual Dispensers with Betco logo across the front

The Clario Manual Dispensers have the same benefits that maximize safety, minimize waste, and deliver the lowest cost per hand wash, but now with key differences that have improved the overall look and functionality:

  • The white dispensers are a cleaner, brighter color
  • Both white and black are ADA compliant
  • New sleek and modern design
  • The key can be stored with the dispenser, tucking underneath
  • New liquid and foam pumps that are still interchangeable

Hand hygiene is essential in every facility. To guarantee zero interruptions in supply, our Clario manual pumps and dispensers have safety stock to ensure availability independent of the supply chain. Key refill bag components are dual sourced through a domestic supplier.

We’re excited about this change as our Clario Dispensing Program continues to revolutionize skin care. To learn more about Clario Manual Dispensers, click here. For more information about our dispensed institutional hand hygiene solutions, click here. To speak with a Betco representative, click here.     

Please note this is a running change that will take place as stock is depleted. The new dispensers and replacement parts have new SKUs. There are no changes to the refill SKUs as the dispensers are still compatible with current products.