Ax-It® Aerosol Baseboard Stripper

Baseboard Stripper

A heavy duty cleaner designed specifically to remove the toughest soil and wax buildup from baseboards. This fast acting gel cleans and strips where a floor machine cannot reach. It will quickly remove multiple coats of floor finish or wax accumulation from baseboards, coves, stairs and other hard to reach areas.


Powerful - Fast acting gel dissolves multiple layers of soil and build-up.

Versatile - May be used for a wide variety of applications.

Rinse free formula leaves no alkaline residue.

Tech Specs
Appearance Colorless gel
Flammability Nonflammable per CPSC flame projection test
Fragrance Sassafras
Net weight 19 ounces
pH 11.5 - 12.5
Residue None
Rinsability Complete
Warranty 2 years
Spray pattern Fan spray
Storage stability 120° F maximum
Directions for Use

For baseboards and other hard to reach areas. Do not use on painted surfaces. Prior to use, test in a small area to determine suitability and safety of product. Note any color change. Shake well before using. Hold can UPSIDE DOWN and spray 6 - 10 inches from surface to be sprayed. Cover problem area with a thin, even coating. (Wipe immediately from painted surfaces.) Allow to penetrate 3 - 5 minutes then wet scrub surface with cleansing pad or sponge. Wipe off liquefied finish with damp cloth or mop.

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