CTW501 Car and Truck Wash

Car and Truck Wash

This economical liquid concentrate is a synergistic blend of special synthetic detergents, emulsifiers and wetting agents. Car and truck wash will quickly loosen and float away dirt, dust, grime, insects and road film. It contains no film-forming soaps and will not dull, waterspot or streak painted surfaces, windows or chrome.


Concentrated proprietary blend of high sudsing detergents

Quickly breaks down and suspends dirt, dust, grime, insects and road film

Leaves windows and chrome spotless and streak free

Tech Specs
Color Yellow green
Detergency Excellent
Flash Point None
Foam stability Excellent
Fragrance Lemon
Hard water tolerance Excellent
pH 8.0 - 9.5
Rinsability Very good
Soap content None
Specific gravity 1.03
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Car and truck wash is perfect for hand washing, brush washing, pressure spray applications and automated car washes.
Dilute 2 oz/gal. or 16 mL/L (1:64) with water for removal of heavy soil or traffic film.
Dilute 1oz/gal. or 8 mL/L (1:128) for light soil.
In-line injectors and automated systems may use even less product to achieve the desired suds. Wash and rinse thoroughly.

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