Heavy Duty Daily Floor Cleaner

Designed for floors which are frequently burnished, this product will quickly and completely remove deeply embedded soils.


Controlled foam - Great for use with a mop and bucket or automatic scrubber.

Excellent for scrub and recoat programs at stronger dilutions.

Economical - dilute up to 1:1024 for daily cleaning one quart bottle makes 256 gallons.

Tech Specs
Color Dark Green
Detergency Excellent
Foaming Low
Fragrance Characteristic
Freeze/thaw stability Passes 3 cycles
pH 11.5 - 12.5
Rinsability Excellent
Shelf life 1 Year
Water Solubility 100%
Wetting Excellent
Directions for Use

This product is used for daily floor cleaning and scrub and recoat applications.
SCRUB AND RECOAT: Apply solution and scrub floor using a maroon pad. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry before coating floor.
DAILY FLOOR CLEANER: Apply solution and scrub floor using a red pad.

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