Deep Blue Glass and Surface Cleaner

Ammoniated Glass and Surface Cleaner
This multi-purpose formula utilizes chemical action for a deep clean and does not require excessive rubbing. Clinging foam coats soils, making this product ideal for inverted or vertical applications, big or small. Deep Blue contains no harmful abrasives, and the unique spray pattern covers a wide surface area for maximum economical use.

Clinging foam cuts through grease, smudges, fingerprints and soils

Fortified with ammonia to clean and dry quickly

Cleans and brightens most hard surfaces

Perfect for inverted or vertical cleaning

Tech Specs
Color White
Detergency Very Good
Flammability Nonflammable
Solubility in Water 100%
Wetting Excellent
Appearance White, foaming
Fragrance Characteristic
Net weight 19 ounces
Residue None
Warranty 2 years
Spray pattern Wide, fine foam
Emulsification Rapid
Phosphates None
Specific gravity 1.0
Cold stability Yes
Storage stability 120° F maximum
Directions for Use

1. Shake well before using.
2. Hold container upright 8 - 12 inches from surface.
3. Spray sparingly, then wipe clean.
4. Polish immediately with dry cloth.
Note: Always test first in an inconspicuous area. Not recommended for use on Plexiglas®.

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