Extreme® Ultra Floor Stripper

Ultra Concentrated, Low Odor Floor Stripper
This high power, high productivity floor stripper is an ultra concentrated formula that penetrates and removes multiple coats of burnished finish with minimum labor. Its low odor formula makes it pleasant to use and is ideal for use in supermarkets and other occupied areas where odor is a concern.

Ultra-concentrated - less packaging to dispose.

Powerful acting formula uses less product and works quickly to lower overall costs.

Low odor - reduces unpleasant and obnoxious stripping odors. Ideal for sensitive odor situations.

Ideal for use on many natural stone and marble surfaces.

Rinse free - Requires no neutralization or flood rinsing.

Tech Specs
Color Slightly amber
Flash Point None
Fragrance Pleasant
pH concentrate 11.9
pH concentrate at dilution 11.2
Caustics None
Flash Point None
Warranty 2 years
Dilution, Light to Medium Stripping 1:30
Dilution, Heavy Stripping 1:20
Directions for Use

Use for removing multiple coats of water-based acrylic and urethane fortified floor finishes and sealers from resilient tile (vinyl composition, vinyl), concrete, marble, terrazzo, and quarry. Please recycle empty containers. Do not use on asphalt tile, wood, linoleum, sheet vinyl, rubber tile or painted surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous area first.
1. Fill bucket from long hose on dispenser.
2. Set up “Wet Floor” signs in areas to be stripped.
3. Apply solution liberally and allow 3-5 minutes contact time. Keep floor wet at all times.
4. Agitate solution, remove and thoroughly rinse.

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