GeneSys™ 15 Cleaning Machine

Small Area Cleaning Machine
The Betco GeneSys 15 is the next generation cleaning system. Even more exciting is the availability of optional cleaning tools that allow the closed loop cleaning system to be used on carpet, upholstery, vertical surfaces, and many other hard to clean areas. The cleaning tools create 4 machines in ONE! Experience the next generation in small area cleaning, Betco GeneSys 15.

Multiple brush options for a variety of different surfaces

Folding ergonomic handle for operator comfort and compact storage

Removable tanks for easy filling, emptying, and clean-up

Exclusive water containment and vacuum system to leave floor completely dry

Full operation in forward and reverse

15" offset cylindrical brush to clean against vertical surfaces

Adjustable solution flow control for a variety of applications

Adjustable head pressure to accommodate any floor type

Optional tool attachments can be used to clean carpet, upholstery, walls, and behind fixtures

Low profile edge for easy toe-kick and edge cleaning

Rear casters for superior maneuverability around obstacles

Easy to remove brush and squeegee assemblies for simple maintenance

Tech Specs
Clean Path 15"
Brush System Cylindrical
Power Supply 120 Volt AC
Brush Motor 0.5 HP
Vacuum Motor 1.0 HP
Water Lift 72"
Solution Control Adjustable Flow Control
Solution Tank 3 Gallons
Recovery Tank 3.25 Gallons
Length 31"
Width 19"
Height 22"
Weight 84 Pounds
Productivity 10,000 Sq. Ft./Hr.
Directions for Use

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