Kling™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner

9% Thickened HCl Toilet Bowl Cleaner
This thickened, 9% hydrochloric acid toilet bowl cleaner contains detergents and compounds that quickly remove rust, scale, and hard water mineral deposits. Because it clings to vertical surfaces, it provides more contact time for better cleaning action than thin formulations.

9% Hydrochloric acid for tough soils.

Pleasant Mint Fragrance.

Thickened formula for better cleaning.

Tech Specs
Acid content 9% HCL
Color Aqua blue
Detergency Excellent
Fragrance Mint-wintergreen
Fumes None
pH 1.0
Rust removal Excellent
Warranty 2 years
Viscosity 500 - 928 centipoise
Directions for Use

TO CLEAN TOILETS AND URINALS: 1. Flush fxture. 2. Open pour spout 45°. 3. Squeeze to coat surfaces under the bowl rim. 4. Let stand for 10 min. 5. Scrub all surfaces with bowl swab, especially under the rim. 6. Rinse by fushing. TO CLEAN SINKS, BATHTUBS, SHOWER STALLS, DRINKING FOUNTAINS, AND CERAMIC TILE FLOORS: Dilute one part of this cleaner with two parts water and apply to all surfaces thoroughly with bowl swab, sponge, brush, or cloth. Allow cleaner to remain for at least 10 minutes. Rinse after cleaning.

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