Optima XR – 27 inch Propane Burnisher

Optima XR Propane Burnisher – 27 inch

The new Optima XR (Xtended Run) propane burnisher saves a truckload of propane versus leading competition while delivering top-of-class performance. Betco's exclusive fuel delivery system increases fuel efficiency and can reduce operating costs up to 21% or $1,100.00 annually. Combine this with simple operation, easy maintenance and an industry-leading warranty and it is the highest value propane burnisher on the market.


Kawasaki 603cc Motor

Cast aluminum frame

Large, 12V Starting Battery

Catalytic muffler

Meets EPA Certification

Noise levels of 85 dBa or less

3-year parts & labor warranty / 2-year motor warranty (see warranty for full details)

Options: Centrifugal Clutch, Emissions Monitor & Dust Control

Tech Specs
Engine Kawasaki 603cc V-Twin
Fuel Delivery System Exclusive, high efficiency
Pad Size 27-inch
Pad Speed 1,450 RPM
Productivity Up to 33,750 sq ft / hr
Frame Construction Aluminum casting
Starting Battery 12V AGM
Noise (operator ear) 85 dBa
Exhaust System Catalytic Muffler
Machine Certifications EPA
Directions for Use

Calculate your savings using the Optima XR Savings Calculator

See Operator Manual for detailed instructions for use and maintenance.

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