TyKote® Recoat Bonding Agent

Wood Floor Bonding Agent

This revolutionary bonding agent can be used to ensure adhesion for many types of wood sports floors and commercial wood floors. TyKote® bonds the existing oilbased or waterbased coating to the new waterbased top coat.


Bonds existing coating to the new water-based top coat.

Dries in 1 hour.

Easy application.

Low odor.

Tech Specs
Color Clear
Coverage 2500-3000 sq.ft/ gallon
Dry time 1 hour
Recoat time 6 hours
VOC <150 g/l
Application Finish/ Rayon mop
Warranty 1 year
Directions for Use

For use on gymnasium and other wood floors. Clean floor with IFT and blue pads according to label instructions. Multiple cleanings may be necessary. Be sure floor is entirely free of dirt, oil, and other residue. Rinse the floor by damp mopping with clean water or an auto scrubber until the rinse water remains clear after use. Allow floor to dry completely before applying TyKote. Air movers may be used to speed up the drying process. Shake or mix container before using. Apply a small amount of TyKote to an area of the floor and use flat mop to spread it in a thin, uniform layer. For large floors, pour TyKote into a clean, dry mop bucket. Soak a new, lint-free rayon mop in TyKote and wring out. Work around the floor until all areas have been coated. Be sure that every area of the floor intended for recoat is coated with TyKote. Any missed spots may result in poor adhesion to topcoat. The floor should have a wet appearance but there should be no puddles. Allow to dry approximately one hour with good ventilation and air movement across the floor. If there are areas where the TyKote has not dried, wipe the area with a clean, water-dampened rag. Do not exceed six hours before applying the topcoat or TyKote may lose effectiveness. If the six-hour window is surpassed, tack the floor with Squeaky to remove any airborne dust before reapplying TyKote. Apply the Betco water-based topcoat of your choice according to label directions. Please recycle empty container.

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