AC114 Acid Cleaner and Delimer

Multi-Purpose Acid Cleaner and Delimer

This special cleaner dissolves and removes rust, scale, lime, corrosion, excess concrete, soap scum, mortar, urine build-up and all water minerals. Designed for really tough jobs, this product’s chemical action quickly penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies oils, dirt, soap scum and minerals in seconds. Ideal for all acid resistant surfaces.


Concentrated, fast, and effective

Restores and rejuvenates acid resistant surfaces

Pleasant fragrance

Non-flammable composition

Tech Specs
Acid type Hydrochloric
Color Blue
Corrosion to metals: Aluminum Yes
Corrosion to metals: Magnesium Yes
Detergency Excellent
Emulsification Very good
Foaming Moderate
Fragrance Mint-wintergreen
pH less than 1.0
Specific gravity 1.07
Wetting Very good
Warranty 1 year
Directions for Use

Perfect for removing rust, scale, lime, erosion, concrete, soap scum, mortar, urine buildup and hard water mineral. Excellent for cleaning pipes, badly discolored grout, acid resistant metal, deliming, etching concrete floors and concrete mix trucks. Not recommended for use on Formica® or other surfaces harmed by acid products. Test in an inconspicuous area prior to use if unsure. Do not use on aluminum or magnesium. Do not mix with other chemicals or cleaning products. Concentrated product will attack stainless steel. DILUTE WITH WATER: For remove scale, oil, dirt and rust.
HEAVY BUILD up: dilute 26 oz./gal. or 200 mL/L (1:5) with water.
LIGHT BUILD UP: dilute 6 oz./gal. or 50 mL/L (1:20) with water.

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