Barrier Fluid - Ocean Breeze

Suppress malodors in urinals and floor drains.

Barrier Fluid is an oil-based liquid designed to float on top of fluid in a water free urinal cartridge, a flushing urinal well or in a floor drain. This liquid puts a physical barrier between a liquid and the atmosphere immediately sealing bad odors at the source.


Complementary Fragrances and Colors

Malodor Counteractants

Oil Based Sealant

Tech Specs
Colors Blue
Fragrances Marine
Net weight 29oz./Qt.Bottle - 174oz./Case
Odor counteractant Proprietary Blend
Storage stability Up to 140°F
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

WATER FREE URINALS: Pour required amount of Barrier Fluid into the replacement Water Free Urinal Cartridge. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction when adding barrier fluid. See chart for fluid ounces.
FLOOR DRAINS: Pour the required amount of Barrier Fluid based on the pipe diameter in the chart below. Replacement fluid cycle varies depending on use and odor. Typically fluid should be replenished every 2 weeks.

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