Best Scrub Floor Cleaner

High performance top scrub cleaner

Best Scrub is specifically designed for the interim maintenance procedure of top scrubbing and recoating. When used as directed, Best Scrub effectively removes the top layers of soiled floor finish preparing the floor surface for recoating. This is the perfect product for any type of floor maintenance program to help extend the time between restorative stripping procedures.


Effectively removes top coats of finish without attacking bottom layers.

No residue - Does not require flood rinsing.

Pleasant fragrance - No harsh odors.

Low foaming - virtually no foam in scrubber recovery tanks.

Tech Specs
Color Green
Detergency Excellent
Emulsification Excellent
Foaming Low
Fragrance Pleasant
pH 8.0 - 10.0
Rinsability Complete
Warranty 2 years
Water Solubility Complete
Wetting Excellent
Directions for Use

Recommended for top scrubbing all types of water-based acrylic floor finishes and sealers on all types of resilient tile (vinyl composition, vinyl and linoleum). To be used as a top scrub cleaner in preparing a coated floor surface for recoating.

Dilute Best Scrub 8 1/2 oz./gal. or 65 mL/L (1:15). Apply solution to floor using a mop or automatic scrubber. Agitate solution using a green cleaning pad or brush. Remove solution from the floor with a mop, wet vacuum, or automatic scrubber. When removed properly no flood rinsing is required. After the floor has dried check for residue. If any residue is present a rinse will be needed. If initial scrubbing does not remove embedded dirt, the floor may need additional scrubbing or may require stripping.

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