Citrusolv™ HF Multi-Purpose Solvent

High Flash Multi-Purpose Solvent
This high flash multi-purpose solvent is designed to rapidly remove grease, oil and other contaminants. Perfect for use in most solvent based parts washing systems. The non-corrosive formula evaporates quickly with no residue. Formulated with the finest grade of natural citrus terpenes available.

Proprietary blend of solvents

Quickly penetrates fats, oils and grease based soils

Deodorizes as it cleans with citrus fragrance

Meets VOC requirements in most states. Cannot be sold in CA, CT, DE, NH, RI, and UT

Tech Specs
Color Slight yellow
Fragrance Orange-citrus
Solvency Excellent
Dielectric strength 25,000+ volts
Evaporation rate Fast
Specific gravity 0.80
Chlorinated solvents None
Corrosion to metals None
Residue Trace Colorless
For nonconductive cleaning Yes
Safety on painted surfaces Good
SARA 313 ingredients None
Flash point (minimum) 145° F (TCC)
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Use this natural citrus product in all solvent parts washing systems, electrical motor cleaning and in pumping stations, wet wells and sewer lines.
SOLVENT PARTS WASHING: Fill parts washer as desired. Clean parts and allow to air dry for residue free surfaces. Top off with fresh solution as needed.
DIP TANK: Soak parts until clean. Allow to air dry.
ELECTRICAL MOTORS AND EQUIPMENT: Spray solvent directly on surfaces with air gun or sprayer. Wipe dry with clean cloth or air dry.
PUMPING STATIONS, WET WELLS AND SEWER LINES: Add product directly to force mains and sewer lines as needed to remove heavy grease build-up.

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