Citrusolv™ WR Multi-Purpose Solvent

Water Rinsable Multi-Purpose Solvent
This water rinsable multi-purpose solvent is a pleasantly scented solvent that removes heavy build-ups of grease, oil, adhesives, undercoating, rubber tire marks and other tough soils. Perfect for dip cleaning and removing heavy build-up of industrial soil. Formulated with the finest grade of natural citrus terpenes available.

Concentrated proprietary blend of solvents

Quickly penetrates fats, oils and grease based soils

Deodorizes as it cleans with citrus fragrance

Meets VOC requirements in most states. Cannot be sold in CA, CT, DE, NH, RI, and UT

Tech Specs
Color Light yellow
Fragrance Citrus
Solvency Excellent
Flash point diluted with water None
For nonconductive cleaning No
Corrosion to metals None
Specific gravity 0.81
Water Rinsable Yes
Phosphates None
Residue Trace
SARA 313 ingredients None
Warranty 2 years
Flash point (minimum) 145° (TCC)
Directions for Use

Use this water rinsable product to naturally clean motors, chassis, trucks, parts, tools and other surfaces. Although this product is safe on most surfaces, be sure to pretest before using.
COSMOLINE UNDERCOATING, RUBBER TIRE MARKS, GREASE, OIL AND ADHESIVES: Apply undiluted to surface and rinse off with water.
MOTORS AND CHASSIS: Use straight. Spray or brush on. Allow to remain 10 minutes. Hose off with water.

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