Crewman™ 2000 High Speed Burnisher

20" 2000 RPM Electric High Speed Burnisher

Betco high speed burnishers provide the performance needed to maintain all types of high speed floor finishes. Precision balanced for fatigue free operation achieve an even burnish every time.


Flexible pad driver offers an even and consistent burnish.

Heavy-duty 1.5 HP motor.

Precision balanced for fatigue free operation.

Rugged roto-mold base construction.

Value positioned.

Tech Specs
Pad Size 20"
Motor 1.5HP, DC Rectified
Pad Speed 2,000 RPM
Pad Pressure 20 Pounds
Pad Drive System V-Belt
Power Supply 110V
Power Cord 75'
Chassis Rotational Mold Polyethylene
Length 29"
Width 21"
Height 50"
Weight 67 Pounds
Productivity 16,000 sq. ft./hour
Directions for Use

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