DM120 Mop Treatment

Dust mop treatment

Frequent use of this product easily prevents dust from scattering. This product will restore floor sheen without leaving an oily attract and hold dust like a magnet.


Attracts dust and dirt

Brightens surfaces


Holds dust like a magnet

Penetrates mop fibers

Tech Specs
Color Amber
Fragrance Banana
Solvent type Aliphatic
Specific gravity 0.84
Flash Point 256° F
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Pour or spray treatment directly on mops or cloths, us enough solution to moisten thoroughly. Dry treated areas at least six hours before use. Dirt and soil can be easily removed from treated areas with vigorous shake. When too soiled for further use, launder and retreat as above. * May be harmful to some plastics, gaskets, squeegees and painted surfaces.

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