FiberPRO® 3.5 Spotter

3.5 Gallon Extractor
Erase spots fast and easy with the new and improved FiberPro 3.5 Spotter. Productivity is enhanced with a 33% wider hand tool. Improved convenience and maintenance with additional tank handles, larger drain ports and tank access. You’ll get years of care-free use with an industry leading 10/3/3 Limited Warranty.

High mobility with large wheels, swivel casters and expanding handle

Reduce time with a larger, 4” hand tool

Increase safety with caution signage integrated onto handle

Hose and cord management with easy to use clips and wraps

Tech Specs
SolutionTank 3.5 gal
Recovery Tank 2.5 gal
Spray Pressure 55 psi
Motor 115V, 2-Stage
Waterlift 89"
Cord Length 15 ft
Hose Lengths 10 ft
Weight 35 lb
Warranty 10 / 3 / 3 Limited Warranty (See Warranty Statement for full details)
Directions for Use

See Operator’s Manual for details.

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