Glare® Floor Finish

Metal Interlocked Acrylic Polymer Floor Finish

This high gloss floor finish provides the optimum in durability and wear. Essentially a nonbuff formula, it is easily maintained using a variety of maintenance procedures. Designed with superior leveling properties, it is easy to apply and flows smoothly for the ultimate in gloss. This finish has excellent slip resistant qualities and is easily removed with conventional stripper.


Durable - Extended wear and superior protection for your floor covering.

Appearance - High gloss as well as black mark and detergent resistant.

Easy to use - Self leveling, excellent flow for easy application with little or no mop drag.

0.0% Free Styrene

Tech Specs
Coverage 2,000 - 3,000 square feet/gallon
Drying time 20 - 30 minutes
Freeze/thaw stability 3 cycles
Fragrance Mild
Gloss (ASTM D 1455-87) 2 coats 75 - 80
Gloss (ASTM D 1455-87) 1 coat 75-80
Heel mark resistance Very good
Leveling Excellent
pH 8.1 - 8.9
Recoat Excellent
Warranty 2 years
Specific gravity 1.02
Directions for Use

Recommended for use on all types of resilient tile flooring and properly prepared hard surfaces.

Completely remove all old wax, finish and soil from floor surface following strip procedure instructions on Betco® stripper label. Floor surface must be clean, dry and free of residue before finish is applied. Rinse with clean water if necessary. Apply finish in uniform, thin to medium coats using a clean synthetic finish mop, microfiber mop or applicator system. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying additional coats, usually 20 - 30 minutes. Elevated temperatures, heavy coats and humidity may extend dry time. A minimum of 4 coats of finish is recommended. Note: This product is a self-sealing finish, however, if tile is old, worn or porous, initially applying 1 - 2 coats of a Betco sealer will enhance gloss and long term performance.

Sweep large debris and dust mop. Damp mop or automatic scrub using a Betco floor cleaner. Buff or burnish the floor to enhance gloss as needed. Use Betco® One Step High Speed Cleaner/Restorer to condition the floor and extend the time between top scrub and recoating.

Sweep large debris and dust mop. Top scrub the floor using Daily Scrub SC and maroon pad or equivalent to remove the top soiled layers of finish. Floor surface must be clean, dry and free of residue before finish is applied. Apply 1 - 2 coats of finish as directed above.

Please recycle empty containers. Note: Slip resistance meets or exceeds standard, (ASTM D 2047-11) James Machine 0.5 minimum.

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