Graffiti Remover

Removes graffiti from a variety of surfaces. Aerosol

Safe on many surfaces, this product may be used on restroom walls, trucks, buses, public buildings and sidewalks. This product removes spray paints, scuff marks, marker, ink, crayon and other solvent based marks and stains.


Fast acting - Jell formula adheres to vertical surfaces for longer contact time.

Quickly penetrates and dissolves graffiti.

Versatile - Removes tar, lipstick, ink, paints, crayon, wax build-up and scotch tape.

Tech Specs
Flammability Extremely flammable
Fragrance Characteristic
Net weight 15 oz
pH N/A
Residue None
Rinsability None
Spray pattern Coarse pattern
Warranty 2 years
Storage stability 120° F maximum
Directions for Use

DIRECTIONS: Spray directly on marked or stained surface. Let stand 30 seconds then wipe with clean cloth. For difficult marks spray again, let stand for 60 seconds before wiping. In extreme cases use a stiff brush and work into stained area. Wipe off again. Repeat process until area is cleaned. Use on brick, tile, steel, brass, chrome, enamel, glass, marble, formica, porcelain and many other surfaces.
IMPORTANT - Some synthetic surfaces such as asphalt tile, rubber, certain paints and plastics may be damaged by solvents. If in doubt as to type of surface, try first on small hidden area. If no solvent damage occurs on test area go ahead with cleaning process outlined above.

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