Green Earth® RTU Restroom Cleaner

RTU Non-Corrosive Heavy-Duty Restroom Cleaner

Restroom Cleaner for cleaning and removing difficult hard water stains and soap scum on sinks, counters fixtures, tubs, floors, walls, glazed tile, and porcelain.


Contains organic acids, powerful cleaning agents that inhibit scaling and soil buildup

Non-corrosive acid removes the toughest soap scum deposits.

Pleasant fresh mint fragrance.

Tech Specs
Color Green
Foam High
Film residue Free rinsing
Fragrance Fresh mint
pH <1
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

This product is for removal of difficult, hard water stains and soap scum in all areas of the restroom including tile and grout surfaces, countertops, sinks and toilets. Use on acid resistant surfaces only. Do not use this product on marble, aluminum, terrazzo, Formica® or carpeting. Test in an inconspicuous area before use. Contains acids, do not use with bleach, ammonia or any other chemicals. Spray product on surface to be cleaned. Allow clinging foam to contact surface for 4 - 6 minutes to penetrate deposits. Wipe with a sponge, cloth or brush.

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