Intensive Floor Treatment (I.F.T.) Floor Cleaner

Aggressive Wood Floor Cleaner
I.F.T. – Intensive Floor Treatment quickly and efficiently cleans gym floors prior to coating as part of the Sports Zone Tykote® System. I.F.T. rapidly removes black heal marks and scuffs saving time and energy before coating. Also, use I.F.T. for intermittent deep cleaning to keep sports floors looking great longer.

Deep, Intensive Cleaning

Effectively removes scuffs and black marks

Deep Cleaning prep for coating sports floors

Tech Specs
Color Light Purple
Density 8.30 – 8.40 lbs./gallon
pH 12 – 14
Flash Point >200 degrees F
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

For use as a top-scrub cleaner for wood floor coatings.

TyKote System Procedures:
To prepare the floor for the cleaning process, remove all dry soils, chewing gum, and other debris from the floor. Vacuum the dirt from the floor. Dilute product at 4 oz. per gallon of clean water. Apply using an auto scrubber with blue scrub pads or mop on solution in small sections of the floor. Allow a few minutes of dwell time and then scrub the area with use of an auto scrubber or low speed floor machine. Rotate blue pads at a rate of 800 sq.ft./pad. Double scrub area with an auto scrubber. Inspect floor to see that all scuff marks are removed. Repeat cleaning process if necessary to remove additional soils and marks. Rinse floor with clean water. Allow floor to dry completely before applying TyKote bonding agent.

Scrub & Recoat Procedure:
Follow same procedures as described above for the TyKote System only use maroon top scrub pads at a rate of 400 sq.ft./pad. After floor has dried completely, a water-based wood floor coating can be applied following product label directions.

Interim Cleaning - To use this product for removing heavy soils and black marks, dilute product 2 oz./gallon of clean water and scrub floor using a white or red pad. Rinse floor with clean water or wood floor maintenance cleaner following label directions.

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