LiquiStrip Floor Stripper

Concentrated Stripper for Permanent Coatings

LiquiStrip is a water based stripper formulated to remove permanent coatings. The use of LiquiStrip will allow user to remove permanent coatings without the use of diamond tooling. Ideal for use to remove guards for easy repair of stain and etch using the CreteRx stain and etch repair kit. Low odor and non-flammable formula to safely remove permanent coatings.


Low odor and easy to apply

Chemically removes permanent guards

Economical dilution rates from 1:3 to 1:12

Tech Specs
Color Colorless with Slight Haze
Density 1.01-1.03
pH 6.0-8.0 @ 1:12
Flash Point >93C/200F
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Recommended for removing multiple coats of water-based acrylic, concrete guard products and urethane fortified floor finishes from all types of concrete, terrazzo and marble floors. Not recommended on linoleum or sheet vinyl floors. Pre-test in a small area; color bleeding or discoloration may occur on linoleum, rubber tile, or asphalt and VCT tile. Sweep or dust mop floor to remove any large debris. For light to medium stripping, dilute 10 oz. /gal. (1:12). For heavy stripping, dilute 32 oz. /gal. (1:3) with cool water. Apply solution liberally to floor surface. Allow a minimum of 5 minutes contact time. Be sure to keep surface wet at all times. Agitate with a low speed rotary machine, Automatic scrubber or stripping machine. Pick up solution with a wet vacuum, automatic scrubber or mop and bucket and thoroughly rinse the floor. Allow floor to dry completely before applying finish or sealer. No flood rinsing is necessary if surface appears free of dust and residue. Please recycle empty container.

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