Concrete Stain Removal Kit

Concrete Maintenance Stain Remover Kit

With quart sized containers of Liquigrind, Densifier, and Stain Defense, the Concrete Maintenance Stain Removal Kit brings all components of the Crete Rx™ system into one convenient place for spot stain remediation! Stain Removal Kit contains 6 quarts of Liquigrind, 4 quarts of Densifier, and 2 quarts of Stain Defense.


Liquigrind Removes wear and etching

Densifier strengthens and hardens polished concrete

Stain Defense penetrates open pores & creates uniform, continuous protective surface

Convenient kit allows for spot stain remediation

Directions for Use

Saturate stained area with wet mop and Betco DensiClean at 0.5 oz. per gallon (1:256). Apply Betco Liquigrind to fully cover stain and allow to dwell 10 minutes. 250 sq/ft per quart or 1000 sq/ft per gallon. Attach Betco Honing Tool onto drive plate of swing machine (NOTE: Machine pad drivers vary. This may require the use of a velcro pad on pad driver. Begin Honing Process across entire stained area, overlapping 25% on each pass. A swing machine may require 25-40 passes to remove Stain/Etch. Rewet stain area with LiquiGrind if slurry becomes dry or paste like. Clean and vacuum stained area; if stain is not sufficiently removed repeat process until stain is removed. Clean area with Betco Denisclean at 0.5 oz. per gallon (1:256). Apply Betco Densifier to Honed area, and allow to dry. 2000 sq/ft per gallon or 500 sq/ft per quart. Attach Betco Polishing Tool onto drive plate of swing machine. Polish area, overlapping 25% on each pass, utilizing 25-40 passes as before to remove Stain/Etch. Clean area thoroughly with mop and bucket or Auto Scrubber. Apply Betco Stain Defense and allow to dry. 1000 sq/ft per quart or 4000 sq/ft per gallon. "Buff" area with Betco SI Pad to blend area with surrounding floor.