All Purpose Cleaner and Odor Eliminator
A stable liquid suspension of probiotic bacteria and malodor counteractants capable of digesting complex proteins, starches, fats, oils and greases, paper, vegetable gums, hair and other organic waste. Now available in three great scents - Mango, Lemon and Sage, Classic Mint.

Contains enzyme producing bacteria to digest complex proteins, fats, greases, and odors.

More economical and efficient than using massive doses of enzymes alone to degrade waste and eliminate the source of odors.

Non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-acid and non-caustic.

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 300 billion CFU per gallon
Color Milky white
Effective pH range 5 - 10
Effective Temp Range 50-100 F
Flammability Nonflammable
Fragrance Various
pH 6.50 - 8.50
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Be sure to pretest before using. HARD SURFACE CLEANING AND ODOR CONTROL: Dilute 4 - 8 ounces per gallon of water and apply directly to surface. RESTROOMS: To deodorize urinals and bowls, apply to surfaces and surrounding area. FLOORS: Dilute 2 - 5 ounces per gallon and mop directly onto floor. Pour excess directly down the drain. CARPETS: For pet odors, pour directly on odor spot. Blot with a clean white cloth. Repeat if the odor persists. CARPET MACHINES: To deodorize carpets, add 1/4 cup of product to the solution tank. DRAINLINES AND DOWN PIPES: Use product a minimum of 2 times weekly, to a maximum of 4 times. Start on the lowest floor and work 1 floor per day. Do not treat the same floor twice. When the top floor is reached, continue treatment for the top floor only. PIPE SIZE/DOSAGE/FREQUENCY: 2"/4 oz./2 times/wk.; 4"/8 oz./2 times/wk.; 6"/12 oz./2 times/wk.; 8"/16 oz./2 times/wk. *GREASE TRAPS: For less than 20 cubic feet capacity, add 4 - 5 oz. of product daily by pouring into a sink or pipeline closest to the trap. Perform when the traps are used the least. Flush down with 1 cup of lukewarm water. For traps larger than 20 cubic feet, add 8 - 10 oz. daily using the same procedure. SEPTIC TANKS: Initial treatment, add 1 pint per 25 cubic feet capacity. Thereafter, use 8 oz. per week. Pour directly into toilet and flush. NOTE: Do not subject this product to disinfectants, boiling water or chlorinated products. Please consult your local solid waste agency, drain commissioner, or water quality contact for determination on appropriate disposal of unused material. Please recycle empty containers.

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