Stealth™ DRS32BT Automatic Scrubber

Stealth™ DRS 32" Riding Automatic Scrubber
Stealth™ DRS Automatic Scrubbers feature the new innovative design with Stealth Noise Reduction Technology making it 4 times quieter than other standard automatic scrubbers. The 32" clean path provides maximum productivity while the exclusive one-touch Intelligent Drive Control makes operation simple. With up to 4 hours of runtime large area day cleaning is now a reality.

24 Volt Power Supply and Maximum Run Time Up To 4 Hours

32" Wide Clean Path for Maximum Productivity, Up to 55,000 Sq. Ft./Hr.

Locking Head Applies Up To 140 Pounds of Head Pressure

One-Touch Intelligent Drive Control System

Simple and Easy Maintenance

Ultra Quiet Stealth Operation, 58 dBA Sound Level

Variable Solution Flow Control

Tech Specs
Clean Path 32"
Scrub Head (2) 16" Disks
Brush Motor (2) 0.6 HP
Brush RPM 170
Standard Head Pressure 70 Pounds
Maximum Head Pressure 140 Pounds
Traction Motor 0.54 HP
Vacuum Motor 0.5 HP
Power Supply 24 Volt
Batteries (4) 235 AH Wet Cell or (4) 210 AH AGM
Solution Tank Capacity 29 Gallons
Recovery Tank Capacity 33 Gallons
Operating Sound Level 58 dBA
Length 59"
Width 34" (Without Squeegee)
Height 52"
Productivity Up To 55,000 Sq. Ft./Hr.
Directions for Use

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