Stone, Tile, Grout Cleaner and Protectant (STG Cleaner)

Daily Cleaner and Protectant
STG Cleaner and Protectant’s innovative formula effectively cleans all types of stone, tile, and grout surfaces while continually protecting floors from further stain and soils. STG Cleaner provides cleaner looking floors longer with Easy Clean Technology that repels dirt and oils between cleanings. STG Cleaner is safe for all types of stone, tile, and grout floors.

Effectively cleans while technology leaves a temporary thin layer of soil repelling protection

Easy Clean Technology extends time between cleaning cycles

Keep floors looking cleaner longer

Can be used daily in restrooms, kitchens, retail spaces and many others!

Proprietary blend of surfactants, emulsifiers and repellency aids

Penetrates and protects porous grout, tile and natural stone with every cleaning

Tech Specs
Color Clear
Detergency Excellent
Emulsification Excellent
Foaming Moderate
Fragrance Pleasant
pH 7.0 - 9.0
Wetting Excellent
Specific gravity 1.0
Warranty 1 year
Water Solubility Complete
Recommended Dilution 2 ounces per gallon
Directions for Use

Recommended for use on all Stone, Tile, and Grout floors.

1. Sweep large debris and dust mop.

2. Dilute 2 oz./gal. or 16 mL/L (1:64) with water.

3. Set up "Wet Floor" signs. Damp mop or autoscrub to clean and protect the floor.

4. Pick up the solution. Rinsing is not required except in very dirty situations.

5. Allow floor to dry thoroughly.

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