Symplicity™ Blaze Machine Detergent

Concentrated Solid Machine Detergent
Highly concentrated, 100% active solid detergent for use in both high temperature and low temperature dish machines. Soil suspension agents and water conditioners combat challenging water conditions and promote free and complete rinsing at the same time preventing lime deposits on dish machine interiors. Compact packaging reduces storage and the proprietary jar with molded handle makes it easy to use.

Not available for sale in New York, New Hampshire, Maryland and South Carolina.


Compact Solid – Compact size increases hand ability and storage

Molded Jar Handle - Easy to Handle Jar quick change out

No Misuse – Product can only be used in chemical management system

No Waste – All product is evacuated from the capsule

Economical – Product is 100% active ingredients

Solid Concentrate – Economical, Saves Money

Tech Specs
Color Off-White
Fragrance Characteristic
Viscosity Solid
Foaming Low
Detergency Excellent
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

1. Unscrew and remove cap from product capsule.
2. Turn capsule over and insert into the dispenser.
Consult your Betco Distributor for detailed instructions for your specific application.

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