Symplicity™ TDS Rinse Aid

Hard Water and TDS Rinse Aid

Premium specialty rinse additive formulated to control high levels of water hardness and total dissolved solids (TDS) in difficult water conditions. A unique blend of dispersing agents and water conditioners delivers clear and spotless glassware without the milky film associated with TDS. Dishmachine cleaning efficiency is improved with the inhibition of excessive foam in the wash tank.


Accelerates Drying - Labor Saving, increased productivity

Liquid Concentrate – Economical, Saves Money

Low Environmental Impact - Contains no phosphorus, VOCs, APEs, or NPEs

Prevents Spotting - Labor Saving, eliminates re-wash

Foam Controlled - Improved Performance

Hard Water, High Solids Effective - Improved Performance

Tech Specs
Color Blue
Fragrance IPA/Surfactant
Foaming Low
Detergency Excellent
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Consult your Betco Warewash Distributor for detailed instructions for your specific application. Always follow proper procedures when replacing empty containers.

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