Symplicity™ Chlorinated Machine Detergent

Chlorinated Machine Detergent

Concentrated chlorinated machine detergent for use in both high temperature and low temperature dishmachines. Highly soluble formula dissolves instantly and the active chlorine additive boosts cleaning efficiency thoroughly removing stubborn coffee, tea and other stains Contains enhanced water conditioning agents that keep dishmachines clean and running at optimal efficiency.


SureConnect – No Contact, No spills, enhances safety and more

Chlorine Additive – eliminates coffee and tea stains

Free Rinsing – improved rinsing performance

Hard Water Tolerant. - Improved Performance in all water conditions

Liquid Concentrated– Economical, Saves Money

Tech Specs
Color Light Yellow
Fragrance Mild Chlorine
Foaming Low
Detergency Excellent
Warranty 0.5 years
Directions for Use

Read the entire label before using this product. Consult your Betco Warewash Distributor for detailed instructions for your specific application. Always follow proper procedures when replacing empty containers.

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