Stain Defense

Penetrating Sealer

Crete Rx Stain Defense is a penetrating product that fills porous concrete to help prevent stains and etch. Stain Defense works together with SI Polishing Tools to create a uniform, continuous protected surface without the need for a guard or coating.


Penetrating polymers seal off open pores

Resists staining and etching

Interacts with Sealant Infused Polymers

Creates uniform, continuous protective surface

Tech Specs
Coverage 4000 sq.ft./gal
Color White
Odor Slight
Appearance Opaque
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Clean entire area with Betco Crete Rx Densiclean, allow floor to dry prior to application. Apply Betco Stain Defense at proper application rate, 3500 to 4000 sq.ft./gal, with a low-pressure sprayer spread with a microfiber applicator or mop and bucket application. Allow dry to touch for 30-45 minutes, then high speed burnish with Betco Crete Rx SI Burnish Pad. Allow 1-2 hours cure time before floor is exposed to full traffic.

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