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Cold and Flu Season – Health Advisory Alert.

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Sep 21, 2017

Cold and Flu Season – Health Advisory Alert, Stay Safe! Wash Your Hands!

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) suggests samples taken from current reported flu cases shows the current flu vaccine may not be a good match for this season’s flu strain circulating the US.

The US health agency issued an advisory to doctors noting these samples showed that just under half of these samples were a good match for the influenza A (H3N2) component contained in flu shots for the 2014-2015 season, suggests the virus has drifted.  According to the CDC, the flu season has been low but increasing with the Influenza A (H3N2) being the predominant strain with cases detected all over the US.

The CDC is stressing doctors should be prepared to use antiviral medications when needed and start treatment protocols early. This will help:

  • Shorten the duration of the fever and illness symptoms
  • Reduce the risk of complications from influenza (otitis media in young children and pneumonia requiring antibiotics in adults)
  • Reduces the risk of death among hospitalized patients

CDC continues to recommend a three-pronged approach:

  1. Get vaccinated
  2. Use antiviral medications when indicated for treatment or prevention
  3. Use of other preventative health practices that will help decrease the spread of influenza – hand washing, respiratory hygiene, cough etiquette, social distancing (staying home from work and school when ill, staying away from people who are sick

*Incorporate skin care products, hand washing steps and the following links

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For more information, follow the link below:



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