Betco® SmartSteps® Program

Simplified Solutions, Guaranteed Outcomes

Betco is more than a manufacturer. We’re a complete partner for stores like yours, with a unique approach to align building service contractors or in-house cleaning staff and stakeholders in creation and execution of a customized, holistic program for cleaning excellence. Taking the accountability to get results is the Betco difference.

  • Drive customer and employee retention
  • Maximize store safety
  • Optimize profitability

1. Identification

  • Benchmark facility cleaning and maintenance performance against industry standards via on-site activities, including assessments, observation, and interviews with employees and customers
  • Outline strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement

2. Diagnosis

  • Review cleaning procedures, product use, and techniques to create a baseline scope of work
  • Define measurable long-term goals to align the facility with best practices and set related short-term goals

3. Prescription

  • Prescribe appropriate programs, processes, and products from the comprehensive Betco solutions bundle for effective and sustainable outcomes
  • Map current budget and determine supply strategy to maximize buying power, decrease cost and ensure on-time delivery
  • Develop customized and repeatable training reference to adjust labor activities and facilitate efficient product use for budget reduction

4. Implementation

  • Spearhead delivery, installation, and inventory management of assets
  • Configure tools and resources to communicate expectations and educate teams on access and usage
  • Provide safety and certified training in proper equipment use, chemical handling, and compliance required to perform the established cleaning tasks

5. Evaluation

  • Proactively follow up, monitor, and inspect to sustain the performance outcome, conducting root cause analysis and corrective action as needed
  • Access progress and quality assurance reports via comprehensive data analytics and ongoing communication program
  • Update and adjust program as necessary to achieve long-term goals, including continuous improvement measurements

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With representatives across North America, Betco has the manpower to conduct assessments across your most challenging locations to ensure cleaning quality and consistency for your customers.

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Programs for Grocery

Our comprehensive program designs provide expert training, simplicity in execution, and proprietary formulas to meet the demands of grocers all around the country. A standardized scope of work and field support ensure that all staff members are using the same procedures, creating process and outcome uniformity.

Floor Care and Equipment

  • Glossy shine that lasts longer with less burnishing
  • Higher standard program reduces slips and falls
  • Drive down labor costs by extending maintenance cycles
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Hand Hygiene

  • Stretch budgets on placements for employees and patrons
  • NSF-certified formulas for food handling areas
  • Reduce cross contamination and employee absenteeism
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Dilution Control

  • Accurately diluting cleaning products saves up to 30%
  • 30+ solutions clean any surface, including food contact and high touch points
  • Closed-loop dispensing is simple and safe
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  • One wash clean performance
  • Boost adherence to health code requirements
  • Streamlined product offering reduces inventory costs
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Enhance and Protect Aisles with BetcoBest® LM

Less is more with BetcoBest® LM, built to reduce labor by 40% with every coat. Use our convenient calculator to evaluate benefits and cost reductions with BetcoBest® LM.

BetcoBest LM Calculator

Try BetcoBest LM and Betco will guarantee a labor savings over your current conventional strip and finish labor costs. Fill in this calculator to see how much you can save!


Time and Labor Savings

* Results are based on a crew of 3 workers at 8 hours a day.

Set Up a BetcoBest LM Test

If time and labor savings projections are not met, or if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we'll supply an alternate Betco finish to provide 1 additional coat at no charge.

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Within the first 30 seconds, appearance and cleanliness determine whether a patron returns. Providing a safe, clean, and pleasant experience everywhere, every time creates better perceptions about the store overall, leading to increased satisfaction levels, brand loyalty, and market share.

Probiotic Cleaning Program Reduces Clogs By 95%

Drain & Trap Treatment Product Up to 25 Clogged Drain Incidents Per Year 95% Incident Reduction From 25 to 1


Training and Support

As the leaders in cleaning professional training, our fast, easy, and replicable training options make it easier to recruit, onboard, and retain high-quality, engaged talent. Free required annual training covers safety and preparation, universal precautions, protective practices, exposure, OSHA requirements, and more.

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