Meet Steve.
Betco® helped him improve store cleanliness and customer loyalty has increased.

Grocery Is Your Business...
Clean Is Ours

“Not a Canned” Grocery Program

At Betco®, we understand how important it is to simply and sincerely listen to our partners. The Betco® Grocery Program is specifically designed based on the feedback that we received from grocery store owners.

  • Reduced chemical inventory.
  • Increase your operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Leverage our training solutions to standardize your cleaning practices.
  • Measure and assess your cleaning to know that your facility is truly clean and safe.
It starts with the entrance

Betco® provides the expertise to prevent slip and falls with a floor care program that you can get your feet under.  

  • Reduce your wet work and decrease your current labor costs by 30%.
  • Train and certify the floor technicians to ensure the results are achieved each and every time.
  • Implement a floor care program in the front and back of the house to ensure your floors always look brilliant and reduce the tracking of dust onto the main floors.
  • Provide direction for cleaning mats and consistent maintenance to high traffic entrances.
Enhance your patron experience by providing a thorough and expert analysis of floor type, labor and equipment availability with a customizable program.
Sanitation is imperative

Betco® provides the expertise to reduce the risk of cross-contamination with the product and equipment designs. A custom program with accurate chemical measurements and simple procedures to ensure safety and compliance.

  • Comprehensive training and verification tools to assist in your compliance program.
  • Hand hygiene systems placed correctly for your employees and patrons.
  • Disinfecting strategies & unique product to prevent cross contamination to facilitate safe surfaces.
  • Training on OSHA Right to Know and online certification for cleaning tasks.
Cleaning products designed for the grocery industry to address your unique challenges.



Cleanliness is important

Within the first 30 seconds, appearance and cleanliness determine whether a patron returns.
Stretch budgets and still deliver a cleaner, healthier environment.



  • Areas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Customer Service
  • Food Service Counters
  • Entrance
  • Storage
  • Employee
The leaders in floor care
Betco® did not become leaders in floor care without the inspiration of voices like yours. Our comprehensive product designs provide simplicity in execution and proprietary formulas to meet the demands of grocery floors all around the country.

Scuff Resistant Technology (SRT™)

  • SRT™ is a new technology of polymer, wax, plasticizer and an additive package.
  • Drastically reduces black heel marks without affecting slip resistance.
  • Less black marks = reduced maintenance and reduced cost. 



  • All Betco® floor finishes meet or exceed ASTM D 2047 and are therefore considered to be slip resistant.
  • Betco® has expert witnesses for slip/fall cases that are members of the ASTM D-21 committee on polishes.