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Portable hand sanitizers minimize the risk of infection anytime, anywhere.

Carefully formulated and meticulously tested, hand sanitizers from Betco® kill pathogens in seconds while nourishing skin. Now, more of the hand sanitizers you love are available in on-the-go and countertop formats for convenient use wherever and whenever you need them. 

  • Meet the CDC and FDA guidelines
  • Kill up to 99.999% of germs
  • In the range of alcohol concentrations to inactivate SARS-CoV-2*
  • Made in Betco’s FDA-registered facility
  • Provide an exceptional user experience

*As demonstrated by laboratory data: Does not apply to Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer. 

Countertop Convenience in Bulk Sizes

NEW! Order 4 1-Gallon Bottle Cases with 2 Foaming Pumps Included

  • Over 50% lower cost than other countertop solutions
  • Comes with 2 pumps per case - convenient gallon + pump countertop solution
  • Stage gallons of sanitizer or cleanser as countertop solutions in high-traffic areas

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You Haven't Seen Foam Like This Before

Upgrade the hand sanitizing experience with the rich, thick consistency and skin-moisturizing ingredients of NEW 7-ounce Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.

  • Availability: Don't wait for dispensers that may not come. Betco is ready to ship cans of this dispenser-less sanitizer beginning July 27.
  • Premium formulation: The most luxurious foam on the market, repeated use leaves skin feeling better, not worse.
  • USA-made quality: Give peace of mind with a product made in the USA with safe, well-regulated ingredients.

Sanitizers Close at Hand

Countertop On the Go Sanitizer Application


NEW Compact Countertop Size

We know that each market and end use customer have different needs to achieve a clean environment, which is why Betco is now offering our most trusted foaming sanitizer in a new 500-mL size!
  • Adaptability: This new 500-mL format is ideal for use on countertops in every facility type and for staying safe on the go!
  • Availability: Advanced Alcohol Foaming Sanitizer will be in stock and ready to ship starting August 24. Pre-order today!
  • Highly effective: 70% ethyl alcohol-based formula kills 99.999% of germs in as little as 15 seconds to provide the healthiest possible environment.

Supersize Your Sanitizer

New gel pumps combine the countertop convenience of smaller package sizes with the time and cost efficiency of gallon bottles! 

  • Long-lasting volume
  • Bulk value
  • Effortless installation